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GFR Fund Announces Investment in RTFKT, Studio for Next-Gen Sneakers

RTFKT (pronounced art-i-fact), a company that blends fashion with games by creating custom-designed sneakers and accessories (both digital and physical) for eSports players, content creators, streamers, and video game fans, officially announced its presence with a new sneaker drop.

We invested in RTFKT back in October and firmly believe in the co-founders, Benoit Pagotto, Steven Vasilev, and Chris Le, who have had success in the worlds of eSports, high-end sneaker design and game skins. Throughout the summer, RTFKT has been stealthy releasing sneakers, such as Racoon Force below that is based on the pandemic game that everyone is playing, Animal Crossing.

RTFKT has eliminated potential fashion waste by smartly employing social communities. Before anything is manufactured, RTFKT uses 3D modeling to create new design concepts and then puts them out to RTFKT's social media communities to get feedback and validate user interest before crafting them in the workshop for limited release. This all-digital approach to production is sustainable and serves as a great marketing tool to build interest before a new release.

Go to to see the latest sneaker drop.

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