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GFR Fund Investment in Web3

As of May 2022, the overall investment market has cooled, but the trend of NFT and Web3 projects that started in 2021 has not stopped. GFR Fund has been executing investments in blockchain projects since 2018, including Theta, RTFKT, and Axie Infinity. Today, blockchain and Web3 continue to be GFR Fund's focus sectors.

Investment Strategy

The GFR Fund is focusing on the entertainment and consumer sectors. The basic focus remains the same. The difference is whether it is on Web2 or Web3. This image shows a portion of GFR Fund's portfolio categorized as Web2 and Web3.

The GFR Fund continues to focus on the entertainment and consumer space, with Metaverse, Gaming/eSports, Creator Economy, and Fintech as its four main areas are the main focus. The concept of Web2 and Web3 is the difference in whether or not those sectors are using Blockchain in a technological way. For example, if games meet Blockchain, it is called Play To Earn Games. And if Creator Economy meets Blockchain, some might call it NFT. The GFR Fund will continue to invest in great services regardless of whether they are on Web2 or Web3. We will not invest in the service because it is Web3, but because it is a great user experience.

What is Web 2.5?

Recently, I have been hearing a bit about Web 2.5 as an interesting concept. There is still no clear definition, but some people are starting to call projects that have been deploying products on Web2 (without utilizing Blockchain) and incorporating Web3 concepts on platforms that already have many customers on Web2 as Web2.5.

In GFR Fund's portfolio, Highrise is a good example. It originally developed a mobile-based metaverse on Web2, but from 2021, it began to mix the Web3 concept by incorporating NFT into its metaverse. There are many of these cases. Since the number of users was originally based on Web2, it provides a significant advantage in terms of user acquisition over creating a Web3 product from scratch. However, because it is not Web3 native, conflicts with existing systems are often a problem.

If the developer can incorporate it well, they can have a big advantage among the many Web3 projects, so GFR Fund will naturally focus on what we call Web 2.5 projects/startups.

We will focus on Web3.

Needless to say, GFR Fund will actively invest in Web3. In particular, we will aggressively invest in the "Play to Earn" space because of our strength in in-game investments. If you or someone you know is involved in a Web3 project, we would love to talk to you.

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