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Announcing GFR's NYC Office Hour: Empowering Community-Centric and AI-driven Innovation

Updated: May 29

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Back in March, we successfully held our first Office Hour in San Francisco. We received more applications than expected and were grateful to meet many innovative and passionate founders. As we continue our mission of supporting more pioneering startups, we’re thrilled to announce our second Office Hour, which will be held in New York City during NYC Tech Week 2024.

Our commitment to community-centric innovation

At GFR Fund, we believe in the potential of startups that prioritize community engagement. We seek out founders who recognize the importance of creating and nurturing vibrant digital ecosystems around their products. By focusing on community-centric innovation, we aim to support entrepreneurs who are not only building groundbreaking products but also cultivating loyal and engaged user bases.

Our portfolio is a testament to the impact of strong community-building. Companies like Omeda Studios and RTFKT have demonstrated how engaging with their communities early and often can drive product development, user loyalty, and overall growth. These successes underscore the value of prioritizing community from the outset.


NYC Office Hour: a unique opportunity for community- and AI-driven startups

We’re excited to host our second Office Hour in New York City on June 6. This event is open to all early-stage startups in entertainment and consumer tech. We’d love to connect with community- and AI-driven founders, specifically. We invite entrepreneurs seeking expert advice, constructive feedback, and support in their development journey to join us.

Event Details:

Date: June 6, 2024

Time: 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: WeWork, 1460 Broadway New York, NY 10036

Slots: Limited to 8 (applications will be screened)

Application Due Date: June 4, 2024, end of day

Two of our team members, Yasushi Komori and Patrick Montague, will hold 20-minute slots to meet with startups, offer mentorship, and discuss potential fundraising opportunities. We’ll be accepting applications until June 4. Limited spots are available, and our team will carefully select startups based on capacity. 

If you’re a founder who’d like to gain valuable insights from industry experts and receive constructive feedback to propel your venture forward, apply now by submitting the form below. We’re excited to connect with visionary entrepreneurs who value the power of community, and we look forward to joining you on this journey of reshaping the future of digital media and entertainment!

Link to application form (if the embedded form doesn't work)

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