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GDC 2024 Recap: Uplifting Startup Ecosystem through Collaborations

The Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2024 has been a truly memorable week for us at GFR Fund as we continue to empower our startup community. As the curtains close on GDC, we're excited to share highlights of the week that made our community more connected than ever. Here's a recap of our action-packed GDC journey.

GDC Founder Day

Kicking off the week on an inspiring note, we hosted Founder Day, a dedicated event celebrating visionary entrepreneurs in our portfolio shaping the future of gaming.

Our Venture Partner, Nikhil Gopalani, led an engaging panel discussion, joined by community leaders from three outstanding portfolio companies, VRChat, VShojo, and Omeda Studios. Charles Tupper, Justin Ignacio, and Robbie Singh shared their insights on the importance of community building to startups.

In addition, we hosted one-on-one breakout sessions for startups to connect with our Limited Partners and other founders to gain feedback and explore potential partnership opportunities.

Game Changers Social

We also had the pleasure of hosting the Game Changers Social, a networking party that brought together investors and founders for meaningful conversations. It was fantastic to see the vibrant gaming community come together to share ideas and forge new connections.

Our first-ever Office Hour

We were also thrilled to hold our first-ever Office Hour session, where startups had the chance to pitch their ideas, receive feedback, and explore potential partnerships.

The enthusiasm and open-mindedness of our applicants went beyond our expectations. It was inspiring to see the wealth of talent and innovation within the startup community, and we're excited to continue supporting these ambitious founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

Dinner with Magma and Sanlo

Our General Partner, Teppei Tsutsui, and Senior Associate, Jeremy Lim were excited to join an exclusive dinner with Magma and Sanlo, two of our outstanding portfolio companies.

We were grateful for getting to build tighter connections with our founders and fellow investors. Opportunities like this are instrumental in fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the ecosystem.

At GFR Fund, we're passionate about empowering visionary founders and supporting the growth of the startup ecosystem. Events like GDC provide us invaluable opportunities to connect with the brightest minds in the industry, collaborate on groundbreaking projects, and drive meaningful change.

As we bid farewell to GDC 2024, we look forward to the exciting adventures ahead and the opportunity to continue championing innovation in the gaming and entertainment landscape.


If you're an investor or LP looking for partnership opportunities, reach out to us at For startups, please pitch to us by filling out this form. We'd love to hear from you!

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