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Magma: Unleashing Creativity with Advanced Workflow Collaboration

With a mission to foster more accessible creative workflows, GFR has joined forces with Magma, an innovative art project management platform transforming the landscape of creative collaboration. Magma is a centralized hub for creators, blending cutting-edge design tools with AI-driven collaboration.

Background: transforming creative workflows for everyone

The creative world of games, animations, and art has suffered from legacy solutions that segment the creative workflow. These tools slow down the work process and make it difficult for teams to collaborate smoothly.

Magma is changing this by creating a new way for creative projects to happen. Unlike the legacy solutions, Magma is a helpful hub for creativity. It brings together powerful design tools and smart teamwork, making it easy for people to work together, no matter where they are.

Magma stands out as a creative hub, revolutionizing how modern creative projects unfold. It's an integrated platform that fuses advanced design software capabilities with AI-driven collaboration. This convergence facilitates global collaboration, supporting real-time and asynchronous interactions that break free from geographical constraints. And it makes Magma not just an alternative for artists but a comprehensive platform that elevates the efficiency and creativity of managing creative projects.

About the founding team

The genesis of Magma lies in Radek Eichler's drive to overcome creative limitations experienced while collaborating on a video game project with a distributed team. His innovation laid the groundwork for real-time art collaboration, sparking collaboration with Damian Kaczmarek and Wojtek Jodel.

Inspired by the impact of Figma on UX/UI design, they united with a vision to revolutionize the creative industry by offering a platform that enhances workflow collaboration and empowers creators beyond traditional boundaries.

Magma launched at Lightbox Expo 2020, initially as a community platform. It quickly proved its value by enabling a fully remote art event during the pandemic, showcasing its potential to transform the creative process.

Evolving to focus on B2B workflows, Magma has developed features aimed at improving productivity for businesses and creative teams. This evolution reflects Magma’s commitment to making the creative process more accessible and collaborative, continuously striving to meet the dynamic needs of artists and teams globally.

A group of people standing or sitting
Magma's current team members

Latest company updates

Magma has recently partnered with Story Protocol, which transforms IPs into networks

that transcend mediums and platforms. The collaboration focuses on redefining IP management and monetization, providing robust solutions for proving, tracking, and attributing intellectual property ownership. The alliance reinforces Magma’s commitment to transparency and ethical AI use.


Join Magma and Story Protocol's presentation at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco!


In addition, the company has introduced Multiboard, a feature that offers an infinite canvas to manage all aspects of a creative project, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. This feature underscores Magma’s dedication to empowering teams to bring their collective vision to life.

a screenshot of a canvas with multiple people working on it
Magma's Multiboard feature

At GFR, we believe in reshaping the future of collaborative artistry. And we're excited to support Magma as it redefines the landscape of creative collaboration and project management.

“Magma is changing the way how artists can collaborate real-time online, fostering more creativity and making it easy and effortless," said Teppei Tsutsui, General Partner at GFR Fund. "We're impressed that they have built an amazing artist community on their platform where 60k+ users draw arts and work with other users every day. We want to closely work with the founders, Damian, Wojtek, and Radek, to make Magma accessible to more artists on the globe."

"We are immensely grateful for our partnership with GFR Fund, whose global connections and partnerships within the industry significantly bolster our mission," said Damian Kaczmarek, CEO and CTO of Magma. "GFR's proven track record in supporting creative industry startups is instrumental in propelling Magma towards new heights of success and innovation."


This blog was produced with the help of Damian Kaczmarek and Oli Strong.

If you're an investor or LP looking for partnership opportunities, reach out to us at For startups, please pitch to us by filling out this form. We'd love to hear from you!

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