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Virtual Reality - The Cure for the Coronavirus Blues?

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Tips On How To Pass The Time And Remain Productive During Isolation

As the Coronavirus spreads to what is now a global pandemic, demands for social distancing are on the rise. Public events are being canceled or postponed and individuals are being asked to self-isolate at home.

But self-isolation doesn't have to translate to being bored or unproductive.

In fact, 3.7 million employees (2.8% of the entire U.S. workforce) already work from home at least part-time; and two-thirds of managers who offer telecommuting flexibility report that employees who work from home are overall more productive.

We took a look at our portfolio companies and wanted to share some suggestions on how to best utilize your time with virtual entertainment, as well as maintain productivity so that business doesn't stop just because you're stuck at home.

While many sporting events, concerts and festivals are now being canceled or postponed, perhaps this is a good time to start planning for VR and live-streaming to take the place of physical attendance.

Here are some ways to tap into a virtual world while the physical world is on hiatus:

VR Entertainment & Livestream

VRChat - Create and play in virtual worlds. VRChat offers an endless collection of social VR experiences. Whether you're looking for new VR experiences or have an idea of your own, VRChat is the place to be. (formerly - Watch live streams 24/7 of eSports content from top games like Fortnite, League of Legends and CSGO

Fable Studio - Watch the Emmy Award Winning Wolves in the Walls on VR

Facemoji - Download this free app and create a 3D avatar that resembles your own appearance and start playing games and interacting with your friends in the virtual world.

Highrise - Join millions of other user-generated avatars in the world's largest creative avatar community on mobile.

Wave - Attend live concerts virtually, when available.

YBVR - Interact, engage and watch sporting events live in VR, when available.

Littlstar - Watch media content both on and off VR

Productivity in VR

InsiteVR - Enables architects, engineers and construction businesses to conduct meetings in VR.

Insidemaps - Shop for your future home remotely. This mobile scanning service allows homeowners to create a 3D model of their home and share it with prospective buyers.

Loom.AI - Enhance your virtual meeting experience with lifelike avatars for everyone on your team.

Apprentice - Helps pharmaceutical employees work remotely with AR applications.

Jido Maps - Build a better shopping experience using AR applications that live in the real world.

Gaming/ eSports

GameClub - With over 50 gaming titles available all in one place, you never have to worry about feeling bored again.

ProGuides - Use this time to match with a pro-player and level-up your gaming skills.

TheMeta - Train at your own pace with this self-guided eSports training platform.

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